3 Benefits of Creating a Tenant Portal for Landlords in Phoenix, AZ

3 Benefits of Creating a Tenant Portal for Landlords in Phoenix, AZ

Imagine you're a tenant (instead of a landlord) in Phoenix, AZ. Let's also say that you must tell your landlord about a plumbing issue in their property that needs repairs.

So, you email or text your landlord, hoping they'll get back to you right away. Unfortunately, they didn't, as they failed to read your message immediately. As a result, you spent the night shivering and unhappy they couldn't resolve your problem ASAP.

That's just one example of communication issues you, as a landlord, can prevent with a tenant portal.

We've discussed how such platforms can benefit you and your Arizona real estate properties, so read on.

1. Improved Tenant-Landlord Communication

The average person gets about 100 to 120 emails daily. So, it's not surprising many of these messages go unnoticed and unread.

The problem is if the messages you fail to read are from your tenants. As the example above shows, this can lead to unhappy, dissatisfied tenants. They may even file a complaint against you, especially if their issue concerns your rental's safety and livability.

To reduce your likelihood of facing such risks, use an online portal provided by a full-service property management company. Its messaging platform is just for you, your tenants, and Phoenix property managers. So, using it makes you less likely to miss critical tenant messages.

2. Simplified Property Maintenance Scheduling

While undoubtedly beautiful, Phoenix is the hottest U.S. city. Such extreme conditions can shorten the lifespan of many building components, including:

  • Concrete, metal, and wood materials
  • Roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems
  • Exterior surfaces and finishes

For those reasons, Phoenix landlords must never skip or delay property maintenance. Otherwise, their properties can degrade early and suffer from reduced market values. Worse, it can lead to unsafe living conditions for tenants.

Fortunately, a tenant portal simplifies setting up and coordinating maintenance schedules with tenants. Tenants can also use the online platform for convenient maintenance and repair requests. So, you or your property management company in Phoenix can quickly address their concerns.

3. Rent Collection Made More Convenient

Mobile devices and computers are now the preferred tools for bill payments. A survey even found that almost three in four Americans pay for credit cards, phone, internet, and other utilities with a mobile device.

Convenience and time savings are among the top reasons for that popularity. And with an online tenant portal, you and your tenants can enjoy similar benefits.

Instead of going to the bank and queueing up there, your tenants can pay online at the safety of their "home." They can also upload copies of their deposit statements onto their portal account.

As for you, the landlord, you can enjoy simpler and faster rent collection.

Simplify Property Management With a Tenant Portal

An online tenant portal can help simplify tenant communication and property maintenance scheduling. It also provides a convenient solution for digitizing rent collection and management. All that makes having one a win-win situation for landlords and tenants.

If you're ready to reap those benefits, PMI Phoenix Golden West can help. With our state-of-the-art services and technology, we can provide you (and your tenants) with an innovative online portal.

So, schedule your consultation with us today! We'll gladly discuss what our full-service property management company can do for you.