3 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager for Tenant Placement in Phoenix, AZ

3 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager for Tenant Placement in Phoenix, AZ

Do you own Phoenix real estate properties that you wish to rent out?

If so, here's a good enough reason to push through with your plans: the city's impressive growth rate of 1.9%. This makes Phoenix one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Moreover, it shows no sign of slowing down.

That's fantastic news for landlords since the city's growth indicates more prospective tenants. However, this also means that finding qualified renters can be more challenging.

Fortunately, a property manager can simplify things through professional tenant placement.

Read on to learn why you should hire such an expert for all your tenant screening and placement needs.

1. Fair and Unbiased Tenant Screening Policies

As a landlord, you must follow all the rules and regulations under the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

One of the primary goals of the FHA is to protect renters from discrimination. Under this law, each tenant applicant must have fair access to housing in Arizona.

The FHA prohibits landlords from using the following factors as a basis for qualifying tenants:

  • Color, national origin, and race
  • Sex
  • Creed or religion
  • Familial status or having children under 18 years old
  • Mental and physical disabilities

So, under the FHA, landlords must not accept or reject applicants based on those factors. For example, you can't deny someone's application because their religion differs from yours. Neither can you give specific applicants special "privileges" based on the same factors.

Failure to comply with those laws can result in you facing a civil rights complaint.

To minimize your risk of non-compliance, partner with a full-service property management company. They understand and follow all local, state, and federal housing-related laws. That makes them your best bet for legal and professional tenant placement in Phoenix.

2. Stringent Screening Procedures

Property managers follow all relevant housing laws, but they don't just accept anyone, either. Instead, they conduct a comprehensive tenant screening process, which includes:

  • Credit checks
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal background checks
  • Eviction history checks

A property management company takes all those steps to find trustworthy tenants. This helps you, the landlord, save precious time. Most importantly, the stringent screening process can help lower your risks of dealing with evictions.

3. Greater Assurance With Service Guarantees

Property management companies offering Phoenix tenant placement often back their services with guarantees.

A perfect example is an eviction protection plan. This kicks in if the property management company must evict a tenant they screened and placed. The company will handle the eviction process, including eviction-related costs of up to $2,000.

Without such guarantees, you'd have to handle the stressful and time-consuming process yourself.

Simplify Tenant Placement With Expert Help

A highly experienced property manager can help you find qualified tenants through comprehensive yet legal and fair screening practices. To top it off, you can rest assured that their tenant placement services come with guarantees.

You can expect all that and more by partnering with us at PMI Phoenix Golden West. We provide comprehensive property management services, from advertising to tenant placement and maintenance.

So, speak with our team of property managers today! We'll happily discuss how we can help you find qualified renters in Phoenix, AZ.