Beauty and Fun: Your Easy Seasonal HOA Idea Guide

Beauty and Fun: Your Easy Seasonal HOA Idea Guide

Around 350,000 HOA communities litter the United States. If you're part of one of these developments, it's time to plan seasonal events and create a festive spirit!

Knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming. After all, you want to give everyone the gift of love and joy this year.

Fortunately for you, Christmas has come early. Our experts want to give you the best seasonal HOA idea for 2023.

So read on to unwrap beauty and fun and uncover the delights of community building!

Seasonal Landscaping Contest

There's always friendly competition around the holidays, whether playing games or baking cookies. So why not utilize one of the best HOA practices by transferring that joy to the whole community and making everyone feel involved?

Encourage households to decorate their yards and homes with holiday decorations. Not only will it bring festive fun, but it will also create a visually appealing neighborhood.

You can present generous prizes to the most beautiful homes. Also, offer small ones for participation or awards like the Sleigh Bells Rock Award for the use of music.

Community Garden

In just 100 U.S. cities, you can uncover 29,000 community gardens. They provide access to healthy produce, sustainable practices, and physical activity. All these are even more vital during the holiday period.

Residents can exchange plants, seeds, or gardening supplies with their neighbors. Most importantly, they can add a touch of color to keep with the winter theme.

Outdoor Movie Night

The average daily temperature for Phoenix in December ranges from 45°F to 65°F.

So, you're probably shivering at the thought of holding an outdoor movie night. Yet, this activity allows you to embrace the seasonal weather and build your spirit. Residents can bring blankets, chairs, and hot beverages to keep warm.

A HOA manager will find an area with enough space so nobody feels left out. Then, set up a projector, agree on a Christmas movie, and enjoy an unforgettable night!

Seasonal Recipe Exchange and Potluck

What do Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukka, Diwali, and Independence Day all have in common?

Each of these special occasions involves food as a central element of the event. It plays a role in cultural and social gatherings, often symbolizing sharing and joy.

You can ask people to bake their favorite seasonal treats to share with their neighbors. You can even combine all these recipes into a book for the holidays!

Holiday Decorations in the Park

Holiday decorations are the simplest way to show that a HOA board values its residents. It will help get everyone in the festive spirit and make the events more worthwhile.

Some of the things to put on your holiday decoration checklist for the park are:

  • String lighting
  • Inflatables and lawn displays
  • Wreaths and garlands
  • Outdoor trees
  • Roof decorations

It's vital to establish and respect clear guidelines for decorations. You can consider lifting light regulations for the period.

Create Fun and Beauty With Our Seasonal HOA Idea

The goal of a seasonal HOA idea is to create a festive spirit. Therefore, including everyone is crucial. You will create a welcoming atmosphere for all by not limiting colors or others' beliefs.

Of course, all of this requires plenty of hard work. But if you want to work with a firm with over twenty years of local experience, hire PMI Phoenix Golden West management service!