Holiday Vacation Rental Tips: Create Your Perfect Festive Getaway

Holiday Vacation Rental Tips: Create Your Perfect Festive Getaway

Since 15 billion people travel around the holidays, it's a big time for short-term rental landlords to turn a big profit. Making your holiday vacation rental stand out from others in Phoenix is a great way to draw in visitors looking for a cozy vacation home to relax in.

Here, we're going to talk about how your Arizona property can thrive with seasonal rental ideas. Read on for some tips and tricks that can decrease your vacancy rates and reel in cash ASAP.

Execute Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Marketing your vacation rental is the first step toward drawing people in. It generates awareness about your property and shows what you have to offer. Whether you use Google Ads or well-targeted social media posts, it's important to tailor these advertisements to what Phoenix renters are looking for.

When everyone's in the holiday spirit, this means holiday-related ads!

Including images of delicious, fresh-baked Christmas cookies creates a sense of comfort. People will know that your cozy vacation home is sweet and warm.

You can add beloved holiday characters like Santa and his elves to seasonal ads to get people in the holiday spirit. Snowmen, reindeer, and snowflakes are winter-themed rather than Christmassy so you can target those who celebrate other holidays.

If you can get people excited about their upcoming trip, you can get them excited about booking with you, too!

Use Holiday Rental Decorations

You may not want to go into full-on Christmas mode at your holiday rental, but that's no excuse to not be festive in your decorating. Put some red and green mugs in your cabinet and stock up on snowflake window clings.

You can also tailor your decorations to Phoenix staples. A cactus covered in garland or simple holiday ornaments is funny and unique. Desert-related decorations can wear Santa hats or have red/green highlights.

Adding some soft blankets to the couch also shows that you care about comfort during the holidays. While Arizona rarely gets super cold, the nights can be chilly in the wintertime. Throw blankets show you care.

Showcase Nearby Holiday Activities

It's also a good idea to give people examples of nearby holiday activities that they might be interested in. Christmas markets, wintertime sales, and Santa's villages are all options that may appeal to couples and families.

Have a property manager implement these suggestions into their creative leasing strategies. Boost visibility for events online so people know what's up when they book.

Include pamphlets in the room itself and advertisements for these events. You can also leave coupon books that give people discounts on activities in the area. This goes well with your holiday rental discounts that entice people to book with you!

Enhance Your Phoenix, Arizona Holiday Vacation Rental

Now that you know how to create a festive holiday vacation rental, it's time to begin implementing seasonal rental ideas. PMI Phoenix Golden West is excited to discuss ways that you can make your cozy vacation home stand out.

Our team is well-versed in seasonal marketing and property enhancement, so reach out for a free rental analysis to learn how we can help you thrive as a landlord all year long.